Monday, February 13, 2012

Gosh, has it really been since before Christmas since i last "blogged" i am so sorry!!! Well, Happy Valentines Day to you all!

Lets see, whats new in our little world.... Colton will be 5 next month, thats right i said 5! where the heck did the last almost 5 years go? he is such a smart, sweet, loving young man. he still enjoys school, he is learning the letters, numbers he can count to 100, spell his name, mom, dad, and addison, he can write just about anything you spell out for him and he loves to use his imagination when he comes to arts and crafts and also playing. the other day we built a pirate ship out of a box, with a plank and all. He loves to entertain his baby sister, and loves to make her laugh.
Addison is 7 months already, she is sitting up unassisted (started at 5 months) has her two bottom teeth, and tries so hard to crawl on her hands and knees but she ends up doing this butt scoot, and she is getting pretty fast at that and gets where she needs to be so its fine with us. She is such a good happy baby. and boy can this girl eat, she LOVES food, most nights i can not get it in her mouth fast enough. hopefully it will continue this way when she is older too. She still isnt sleeping well at night, up every 2 hours or so, some nights ever hour, other nights will give me maybe a 3 hour stretch.... i am so tired!

Next month we will be celebrating not only Coltons 5th birthday but Carsons 30th birthday!!! He tells me NO PARTY :) heheh

I will try to not go 2 months in-between blogs but the days seem to just fly by.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Addy is 5 1/2 months old and growing like a weed! she is such a fun, smart, beautiful baby. I swear each day she does something new.... she now has her bottom right tooth and i can see that the bottom left is just about to pop up any day now.... she can sit unattended and loves to sit and play with her toys or sit and watch Colton play. The way that she just looks at colton melts my heart, they love each other so much. She can also roll both back to front and front to back, but she really doesnt do if often now that she sits up.... she also says MOMMA, i am not sure if she knows what she is saying and just babbles but its still MOMMA! :) She is now eating baby food and so far she loves sweet potatoes and squash, apples and bananas but doesn't care for pears. She is still spitting up pretty bad, i had taken her back in (for the 3rd time) for this and they upped her reflux meds and said if its not better by her next well baby check up then we will do an ultra sound to make sure everything is developed correctly. i will keep you posted when we go in next month.

Colton is also doing great (as always) he is our little lover so kind and sweet yet he can have that 4 year old i know everything attitude. He is doing great in school, can write all of our names very well and has made a few really good friends. Last week they had their CHristmas party/program at school it was the cutest thing to watch, all the kids sang songs and they had made gifts for us parents and they did a book exchange, then all of a sudden the Big guy in red came in and each child got to sit on Santas lap. Colton is so smart, when we got home we happen to get a xmas card in the mail with some friends of ours picture on it and they were all sitting with santa, well colton tells me "mom, the Santa at school was not the real Santa" i asked "why?" he tells me" because the Santa at school at round glasses on and the Santa that Shana was sitting on had square glasses on, so he must be the real one" who notices that? i guess my smarty pants does :) Colton has been having headaches for a little over a year now, i took him in for the second time and the dr is reffereing us to a neuro doctor so we are waiting back on insurance to clear it before we can get it, hopefully everything is ok but the doctor just said its not normal for kids that age to get them and rather be safe than sorry.

Carson has been working pretty much 7 days a week to help us out financially, i feel so bad for him that he is working so hard to try to support our family, i wish i had the money to do something special for him and take him on a trip or something. (better go get some lottery tickets lol)

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.We have been busy this week with my family that came into town to celebrate Christmas a little early. I was so happy that my great grandpa was able to come for a few days so he could meet Addison. I will post pictures of the family next week!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

photo shoot gone wrong :)

I wanted to get a picture of the kids for our xmas cards this year... well an hour later, a few dirty diapers, some baby puke, and 100+ pictures later, i managed to get 3 ok ones.... Poor addy, i am always sticking her in something for a cute photo opp :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Elf on the Shelf

We started a new Christmas tradition this year, its called Elf on the Shelf.... to sum it up real quick, Santa sends a special helper down from the North Pole to watch over the kids during the month of December and each night the elf goes back to Santa to tell him if the child was naughty or nice. The kids can not touch the elf, and each morning when they wake up he/she is in a different spot in the house and he also loves to play tricks/jokes so he might be somewhere you would least expect him and or making a mess out of the toys.
To introduce the kids to their elf's Tanna and I did a North Pole Breakfast this morning. Tanna did a great job with the decorations and little goodie bags from the elf to each of the kids and I wrote little letters reminding them to be good, then Tanna read them the story that explained the Elf. I can not wait to do this every year with Colton, Addison, Bella and Evan! here are some pictures of our breakfast

Happy Thanksgiving

Gosh, i think that i am still full from all the yummy food i had at Thanksgiving :) This year my family traveled over to Salem to my cousin Melinda's house. She and her family were great hosts and she did an awesome job with cooking everything. Melinda and Aaron have 4 kids and the youngest is just a little older than Colton so he had a great time playing with all of his cousins. The live on a little bit of property and there are cows so the kids thought it was so much fun to go feed the cows (should have gotten a picture, but i didnt). Addy did great on the drive, slept the entire way there and also good on the way back. The snow has started to fall in the mountains and the pass was a little sketchy in places but other than that it was a great trip. Unfortunately for us it was a very quick trip since Carson had to work on Friday so we headed home after we pigged out, while he was at work i took down our "fall" decorations and put up the Christmas stuff, now all we need is our tree (hopefully next weekend) and for me to try to talk Carson into putting up lights outside (probably not going to happen)and i will be set for the holidays... oh, i guess not set since i still need to go shopping, sigh..

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. There was so much to be thankful for this year... The birth of our beautiful daughter, Addison, Carson's job, we have all been healthy, our family and friends who are always there for us, and i am so very thankful to be able to stay home with my two kids, thou its hard somedays, it is totally worth it!

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I am sure if Addison could talk she would tell me she really hates me for putting her in a pumpkin, but it was sooooo cute! :)
we had her 4 month check up, little chunky monkey is up 15lbs (90%) and 26.5" (98%) the doctor said she looks fantastic and is growing big and strong and right on track. she has great neck/head/chest support which is great too. he said i can start her on baby food since she really is showing interest in our food. once we do i will post pictures of that mess :)
This fall has been so beautiful, one of the nicest Octobers we have had in a long long time, and we have been loving every minute of it and taking full advantage of the nice weather and going on daily walks and out to the park to play. i am not in any way ready for the snow to come but i know there is no escaping it so i better just get over it and not complain, right?!
Carson and i are just a couple weeks away from celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary i wish i had some exciting plans to that i could share with you all but i am sure our night will be no different than any other night.
Colton is LOVING school (happy dance) and asks to go every day, we are so happy he loves it. THe teachers seem to really like him also, they are always giving me good reports on how well he is doing.

Monday, October 10, 2011

love my family

Being a stay at home mom of a 4 year old and a 3 month old sure keeps me busy each day and gives me little time to update my blog, i am sorry i haven't been updating as i normally would.

Things are going great for us, the kids are keeping us on our toes, and we are loving every last minute of it. Colton is great, such a joy, though he has his moments of being jealous of his sister he is such a good big brother and loves Addison so much. I love it when he holds her and hugs on her, in the morning he tells her "good morning princess" and tickles her and gets so excited when she smiles at him. We are thinking about putting him into a preschool a few days a week to try to work on his social skills (he has horrible social anxiety, and it breaks my heart to see him so shy around others) we are hoping if we do it it will mellow him out a bit and also help him make new friends.
Addison is growing each and every day, she is already 3 months (14 weeks on wed) at a doctor appt a week ago she was 13.8 lbs and 25 1/4" long, she has a few little rolls on her little legs and nothing is cuter than little baby rolls :) she smiles anytime you look at her and is starting to giggle, it completely melts my heart to hear that little laugh, and "talks" up a storm. She is trying to hard to roll over, she will get half way then can not get her arm out from under her. She is sleeping fairly well at night, some nights are better than others but for the most part she does great. We started her on some medicine for her Acid Reflux, and it seems to be helping with the constant projectile puking, we are also giving her rice cereal to help with it as well and she loves it.
I started to watch a little boy a few times a week, his name is Chase and he is such a sweet little guy... he just turned 2 so colton and him play Ok for the most part.
Carson is still busy with work so that is good. Hunting season has come and gone, unfortunately, he didnt fill his deer or elk tag but its ok.

This last weekend we heading to the pumpkin patch, this year we did the corn maze which Colton didnt really like all that much, but he did the pumpkin launching cannon and the archery shoot and he and Carson went on a hay ride, it was a great day, but trying to get a family picture was pretty much a joke!!!

I hope everyone is doing well, until next time have a great night!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My crafy side

DIY picture on canvas- So easy and so much cheaper than getting it done professionally

Wreath with flowers

In Addisons room- wood with scrapbooking paper-so neat!

Homemade drink coasters out of tile and scrapbooking paper

I admit it, i have an addiction to Pinterest!!! It is only one of the best websites that i have found... ever!!! If you are not familiar with what Pinterst is, check it out in a nutshell its basically a big virtual bulletin board with TONS of ideas such as kids crafts, recipes, DIY, hair styles and so much more. It has not only brought out my crafty side but made my honey-do list for Carson about a mile long.
Here are a few of my projects that i have recently done. Once i get my sewing machine up and going (something is wrong with it) i will be a busy bee :) Our winter project this winter will be to try to build a new kitchen table, i have found a beautiful one online with step-by-step directions.