Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer fun

Our weather has FINALLY warmed up, and we have been enjoying every minute of it! We have been very busy these past few weeks. My grandmother came to visit us for a week, and then my aunt came the next, we had a nice time with the both of them. We also had a short visit with Tanna and our niece Bella. She is getting so big, Colton was kind enough to help aunt tanna give her a bath. :)
Colton started swimming lessons a few weeks ago, and he is doing great! Last weekend we took him to the pool, and him and daddy had a great time going down the BIG water slide, Colton kept asking for more! Juniper Pool is such a great place to go in the summer, we love it.
Carson is working in town for a week or so, its been nice having him home before 7pm at night!
We hope everyone is having a good summer and is finding a way to stay cool!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Heaven Can Wait!

This year i participated in a 5k run/walk called Heaven Can Wait, it benefits breast cancer. they had over 3600 people in the race and raised over $600,000 to support it. I had such a great time doing the walk, I can not wait until next year.

Balloons over Bend

every year our community has a festival called Balloons over Bend, 20 something hot air balloons float over the town and they have tons of stuff going on in the Old Mill district. This year, Colton was so excited to see them launch, i woke him up bright and early and headed down to watch them, however due to high winds, they did not launch. the got one up so people could see it but it kept falling down. we still had a blast at all the fun things such as the pony rides and bouncy houses they had. Can't wait for next year!!!

Colton rides a bike!

Colton finally learned how to ride his little tricycle bike!!! here are a few pictures of him. (sorry about the pink helmet, thats all we had...need to invest in a boys one )
he was so excited to show me how big of a boy he is, i am so proud of my lil man!
here are just a few random pictures, the little girl is our good friend Melia, she and Colton are best buds..some day they will get married ;)

Our dog Sako (colton actually took this picture, he loves to play with moms camera), Colton and Uncle Thomas riding the lawn mower, Colton acting to cool next to his cousin Bella.

Tumbling Class

here are a few pictures of Colton in his tumbling class that i put him in. he loves it, they learn how to listen and follow directions, and get to play on the trampoline, balance beam, foam pit and much more! he also starts swimming lessons here in a few weeks. can't believe how big my little boy is getting.