Friday, April 29, 2011

T Minus 10 weeks!

T- Minus 10 weeks and counting!!! As of today, I am 30 weeks pregnant, only 10 weeks (hoping for less) to go! Had my 30 week check up this week with the doctor... things look great, he did a quick ultra sound to try to make sure she is still a she (for some reason my old doctor wrote in the file she was a he) however, she is already head down, ready to go and she had her back against my stomach so he couldnt get a good view, lets pray the first ultra sound was correct! Other than that everything was looking good, i was measuring right at 30 weeks, so right on track... my weight gain is well... weight gain :) up 24lbs, balh! but Dr. says i am doing great. I will now go in every 2 weeks until the middle of June then every week (if i make it that far, i didnt make it to my every week appointment with Colton). I just hope that the next 2 months fly by, we can not wait to meet our lil princess, and i can not wait to not be pregnant anymore.
We have finally decided on her name and spelling of it... she will be named Addison Marie Widmer :) we hope that you all love it as much as we do.

Colton had his 4 year check up a couple weeks ago, and as usual, he is off the charts for his weight and height... 50lbs and 44" tall. Doctor said he is doing great, he only needed 1 shot, and boy i thought that was going to be the end of his world! the nurse had told him at the first part of the appointment that he would need it... mistake #1, dont tell a 4 year old about a shot 30 minutes before its going to happen. once the doctor walked in, Colton told him that he was "allergic to shots and he could not get one" The Dr. thought that was pretty funny. By the time the appointment was over and it was time for the shot, colton was hiding behind the chair, freaking out, i am sure the entire medical clinic could hear him crying, poor guy... but mommy told him we would go get a milkshake right after and all was well :) Other than that, he is doing great.... on the days its nice out, i hardly see him in the afternoon he comes home, and goes right out to the back yard to play in the dirt, he is such a boy!!

Last weekend was Easter, we had a very busy Easter Sunday... Started off doing a little thing with the 3 of us at home, Colton, bless his heart slept in until almost 9 on Sunday, comes into our room and asks when the Easter Bunny was every going to come, he said he has been waiting for him ALL NIGHT LONG! so Carson told Colton he thought he heard him during the night, Colton went to check it out... i wish i would have gotten him on video he was SO excited to see that the Easter Bunny had left him a basket and eggs to find. :) After doing our thing, we headed over to Carsons parents for a really good brunch and more Easter fun with the cousins, then we went to my parents house for a Easter dinner.... we had a great day and had some really great food.

This weekend we are heading over to a wedding in Portland, it will be nice to get out of town for a couple of days. I'll post pictures when we get back .