Monday, August 10, 2009

Here are some more lake pictures

Fish On

last weekend we went up to East Lake to get away for the day and take Colton fishing. It is so beautiful up there, and the weather was great. We did a little fishing, Pappa Widmer helped Colton catch a fish on his Cars Fishing pole that he had gotten last year for his birthday. Colton was so excited to reel it in, however once the fish got close enough to where he could see it, he didn't think that was to neat, he freaked out, dropped the fishing pole and ran to me. He wanted NOTHING to do with the fish, so needless to say i got a picture with Pappa and Colton's first fish and not Colton. but we still had a wonderful time, took the boat to the other side of the lake, played in the water, flew the kite and took a nap. We sure do love living in the beautiful Central Oregon.

Bounce Time

we love bouncing off the walls here in Bend. It is the best place to the your child run wild and go crazy! even us adults have a good time!!! Colton just loves this place.