Monday, February 13, 2012

Gosh, has it really been since before Christmas since i last "blogged" i am so sorry!!! Well, Happy Valentines Day to you all!

Lets see, whats new in our little world.... Colton will be 5 next month, thats right i said 5! where the heck did the last almost 5 years go? he is such a smart, sweet, loving young man. he still enjoys school, he is learning the letters, numbers he can count to 100, spell his name, mom, dad, and addison, he can write just about anything you spell out for him and he loves to use his imagination when he comes to arts and crafts and also playing. the other day we built a pirate ship out of a box, with a plank and all. He loves to entertain his baby sister, and loves to make her laugh.
Addison is 7 months already, she is sitting up unassisted (started at 5 months) has her two bottom teeth, and tries so hard to crawl on her hands and knees but she ends up doing this butt scoot, and she is getting pretty fast at that and gets where she needs to be so its fine with us. She is such a good happy baby. and boy can this girl eat, she LOVES food, most nights i can not get it in her mouth fast enough. hopefully it will continue this way when she is older too. She still isnt sleeping well at night, up every 2 hours or so, some nights ever hour, other nights will give me maybe a 3 hour stretch.... i am so tired!

Next month we will be celebrating not only Coltons 5th birthday but Carsons 30th birthday!!! He tells me NO PARTY :) heheh

I will try to not go 2 months in-between blogs but the days seem to just fly by.