Sunday, November 27, 2011

photo shoot gone wrong :)

I wanted to get a picture of the kids for our xmas cards this year... well an hour later, a few dirty diapers, some baby puke, and 100+ pictures later, i managed to get 3 ok ones.... Poor addy, i am always sticking her in something for a cute photo opp :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Elf on the Shelf

We started a new Christmas tradition this year, its called Elf on the Shelf.... to sum it up real quick, Santa sends a special helper down from the North Pole to watch over the kids during the month of December and each night the elf goes back to Santa to tell him if the child was naughty or nice. The kids can not touch the elf, and each morning when they wake up he/she is in a different spot in the house and he also loves to play tricks/jokes so he might be somewhere you would least expect him and or making a mess out of the toys.
To introduce the kids to their elf's Tanna and I did a North Pole Breakfast this morning. Tanna did a great job with the decorations and little goodie bags from the elf to each of the kids and I wrote little letters reminding them to be good, then Tanna read them the story that explained the Elf. I can not wait to do this every year with Colton, Addison, Bella and Evan! here are some pictures of our breakfast

Happy Thanksgiving

Gosh, i think that i am still full from all the yummy food i had at Thanksgiving :) This year my family traveled over to Salem to my cousin Melinda's house. She and her family were great hosts and she did an awesome job with cooking everything. Melinda and Aaron have 4 kids and the youngest is just a little older than Colton so he had a great time playing with all of his cousins. The live on a little bit of property and there are cows so the kids thought it was so much fun to go feed the cows (should have gotten a picture, but i didnt). Addy did great on the drive, slept the entire way there and also good on the way back. The snow has started to fall in the mountains and the pass was a little sketchy in places but other than that it was a great trip. Unfortunately for us it was a very quick trip since Carson had to work on Friday so we headed home after we pigged out, while he was at work i took down our "fall" decorations and put up the Christmas stuff, now all we need is our tree (hopefully next weekend) and for me to try to talk Carson into putting up lights outside (probably not going to happen)and i will be set for the holidays... oh, i guess not set since i still need to go shopping, sigh..

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. There was so much to be thankful for this year... The birth of our beautiful daughter, Addison, Carson's job, we have all been healthy, our family and friends who are always there for us, and i am so very thankful to be able to stay home with my two kids, thou its hard somedays, it is totally worth it!

Happy Holidays!