Friday, January 29, 2010

Sorry it has been so long since my last blog... a little busy around here these days.
A few new things to "blog" about here.... Carson is not working at the time... first time in 10 years he has been unemployed. They just do not have any work, and unfortunately, he does not qualify for unemployment, so hopefully something will happen here before to long. I think right now, he is enjoying a little time off work, but I am sure by next week he will be going crazy sitting at home. I told him he is not allowed to tell me he is bored because I would put him to work! I am still baby sitting, I have a 7 year old boy, Dominick that I watch about 4 nights a week, its going alright.. Colton and him fight like brothers ;) but it is nice to have someone who will always play with Colton.
We FINALLY were approved by our bank to modify our mortgage (only after about 7 months of working with them), could not believe it when the FedEx guy brought us the paper work, I guess there is only about 200 per state that have been approved.... however, after lots of thinking and praying, we have decided that we will be selling our house and getting out of it while we can. It would take about 10 years to make up what we owe and make some money on it, so we think that is our best option at the time, and especially with Carson not working right now. I am very sad about this, I will miss our home, but we will buy in 3 year or so.
Colton is doing good he is going to be 3 at the end of March, we are already talking about what he wants to do for his birthday party this year. Every time we go to the store we must go down the toy isle and he tells me what he wants for his birthday.
We have had such a mild winter this year, but over the weekend it snowed a bit and Carson and Colton went out to make a snowman, they had tons of fun.
We will be heading over to Pacific City next month to celebrate a couple of birthdays, can not wait to see our family, it will be great to have everyone together to celebrate. I hope that the weather is nice so we can go down to the beach for a while.
Thats it for now.... Have a wonderful Day!