Thursday, December 22, 2011

Addy is 5 1/2 months old and growing like a weed! she is such a fun, smart, beautiful baby. I swear each day she does something new.... she now has her bottom right tooth and i can see that the bottom left is just about to pop up any day now.... she can sit unattended and loves to sit and play with her toys or sit and watch Colton play. The way that she just looks at colton melts my heart, they love each other so much. She can also roll both back to front and front to back, but she really doesnt do if often now that she sits up.... she also says MOMMA, i am not sure if she knows what she is saying and just babbles but its still MOMMA! :) She is now eating baby food and so far she loves sweet potatoes and squash, apples and bananas but doesn't care for pears. She is still spitting up pretty bad, i had taken her back in (for the 3rd time) for this and they upped her reflux meds and said if its not better by her next well baby check up then we will do an ultra sound to make sure everything is developed correctly. i will keep you posted when we go in next month.

Colton is also doing great (as always) he is our little lover so kind and sweet yet he can have that 4 year old i know everything attitude. He is doing great in school, can write all of our names very well and has made a few really good friends. Last week they had their CHristmas party/program at school it was the cutest thing to watch, all the kids sang songs and they had made gifts for us parents and they did a book exchange, then all of a sudden the Big guy in red came in and each child got to sit on Santas lap. Colton is so smart, when we got home we happen to get a xmas card in the mail with some friends of ours picture on it and they were all sitting with santa, well colton tells me "mom, the Santa at school was not the real Santa" i asked "why?" he tells me" because the Santa at school at round glasses on and the Santa that Shana was sitting on had square glasses on, so he must be the real one" who notices that? i guess my smarty pants does :) Colton has been having headaches for a little over a year now, i took him in for the second time and the dr is reffereing us to a neuro doctor so we are waiting back on insurance to clear it before we can get it, hopefully everything is ok but the doctor just said its not normal for kids that age to get them and rather be safe than sorry.

Carson has been working pretty much 7 days a week to help us out financially, i feel so bad for him that he is working so hard to try to support our family, i wish i had the money to do something special for him and take him on a trip or something. (better go get some lottery tickets lol)

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.We have been busy this week with my family that came into town to celebrate Christmas a little early. I was so happy that my great grandpa was able to come for a few days so he could meet Addison. I will post pictures of the family next week!