Tuesday, April 28, 2009

new fireplace!!

We decided to remodel our fire place this past weekend. Carson had tore out all the old "cheap" wood that was there and replaced it with some very nice Knotty Alder, i LOVE the way it turned out. next winter we will be replacing our floor boards and trimming out the windows and doors with the same wood. (since we have it sitting in the garage). here are some pictures of the boys working hard on the fireplace!

since i am so horrible at keeping everyone updated with pictures, i finally decided to upload some to my blog!!!
Things are going great here, our good old Central Oregon weather has been crazy... in the 80's last week, and today we woke up to SNOW....YUCK!!!! we are so ready for summer to get here.
Here are some Easter pictures, some picture of our quick trip over to Burns for my Great Grandpa 93rd birthday, we had all of our family from Bend, and Vegas meet up for his birthday, we also went out to our family ranch. Colton loved it out there, he played in the dirt, sat on the old tractors (that i once played on as a kid too) chased the cows around and got to just hang out and be a little boy and get dirty! we had a nice visit with every one while we were there, i sure miss all my family!

Monday, April 6, 2009

short and sweet

Just thought i would check in, not much is going on in the Widmer household.
it has been beautiful outside the past few days, so we have been taking full advantage of that. carson has been working in the yard getting it all ready for spring/summer (those that know him, know he is very anal when it comes to the yard) we got a new patio set all put together (thanks mom and dad!) and Colton has been loving life being about to play outside. he never wants to come in. the boy would sleep out there if he could. however with our good ol' Central Oregon weather i am sure this is NOT going to last and it will go back to snow any day now.
We decided it was time to change Colton's bed from a crib to a big boy bed, so far so good, we have had a little trouble at nap time but other than that he loves his new bed. (our baby is getting so big).
thats it for now, be back soon!!