Saturday, January 8, 2011

Big News!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday to ME!!!

So sorry i have been MIA the past month or so, we have not really had the internet so its been hard to update my blog.

Christmas was so much fun this year with Colton, by far the best age yet. All the anticipation for the big guy in red to come and then seeing his face light up Christmas morning was the best sight ever. Colton wanted a Pillow Pet very bad this year, when you would ask him what he wanted thats all he would say, so to see his face when he opened up the pillow pet gift from Santa and to hear the excitement in his voice just for that small gift was so precious. We did our thing at home with the 3 of us, then headed out to Matt and Tannas for a good breakfast and Christmas #2, after that we went over to my parents house for Christmas #3, by the end of the day we were all worn out!

New Years this year was very low key, i made a yummy steak and shrimp dinner then we went to bed pretty early. Carson and the dog got up around 3am to go chucker hunting and they had a 4 hour drive for that, it was fine that we didnt do anything since its probably best to stay off the roads with all the crazies on New Years Eve. :)

Happy 27th birthday to me!!! We celebrated my birthday with my family and went out to eat, it was pretty low key. Friday night, Tanna planned a girls night/birthday bash at a local bar/restaurant with a few of our good friends. I had a great night with the girls and had some good food and she also got some great cupcakes for me too! Thanks Tanna for being a great sista i really appreciate everything you did, i had a great time!!!

BIG NEWS......... baby #2 is baking in the oven!!! Colton will be a big brother July 2011, we are so excited !!! Just like with Colton, i have been pretty sick, and i am really hoping that since i am in the 2nd trimester it will go away any day now. We are really hoping for a girl, but i have this gut feeling its a boy.... we will find out here in the next few weeks i hope. :)

Belly pictures to come soon :)