Friday, February 6, 2009

potty training....

well, i decided that this weekend would be the weekend to TRY to potty train Colton. he is now almost 23 months, he has used the potty several times, so i thought "what the heck".... So, today we ventured out to the good old Wally-world, to stock up on some big boy undies.... oh the choices he had... we got Elmo, Cookie Monster, Cars, Thomas the Train, and many more... then of course, had to stop by the candy isle to p/u a bag of M&M's so I have something to bribe the boy with once he goes on the potty. So,i decided that today (Friday) would just be my tester day and get him used to the idea of wearing the undies, so, only about 40 minutes into his first pair, they were already wet, didn't even seem to phase him that he was running around in a wet pair of underwear, ..... my night pretty much just continued on with the many changes of them, and ended with my first experience of a poopy one... ohhh, yuck! So, wish me luck as tomorrow will be a very, very long day for me. hopefully by tomorrow evening, he will somewhat have the hang of it.

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