Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Colton!

on March 23, our baby turned the big 2... oh boy, here come the terrible 2's!
We had a great birthday weekend for Colton. We celebrated with a big birthday party with our family and friends at the local Pappy's Pizza wich has a big indoor play place the kids can run wild and play in. He got tons of fun toys, and he was so excited to open every present on his own...Mr. Independent wouldn't even let us help with the cards.;) On his actual birthday, we had a busy day, one of Coltons gifts from Carson and I was he got to go to the pet store and pick out his very first fish. he picked out a very pretty blue Beta fish, I asked him what he was going to name her, and he said 2... so i guess we will call her 2 until he can come up with something else. I took Colton to lunch at Red Robin with his best little buddy Melia, they had a great time together. later in the evening, our families came over for more cake and presents for the Birthday Boy.
Today, Colton had his 2 year check up with Dr. Chun, he weighs 33lbs and is in the 95% for his weight, and he is 37 1/2 " and is off the charts for his height. they said he is the size of an average 3 year old. Doctor says you can take their height at 26 months and double it and that is how tall he will be when he is grown up... so if we figure he will probably grow a bit in the next couple months, so he thinks Colton will be around 6'4ish... WOW! Everything else seems to be going great, he is a very smart little boy, and somewhat ahead for his age group.
Everything else is going great here with all of us, Carson had a phone interview with the Madras prison that he has been trying since Oct. to get on with, so keep your fingers crossed that he gets called in for the written tests. rumor has it they are only going to hire a few people, but it would be great if Carson was one of them.
I will post more pictures as soon as i upload them from my camera!
take care!!!

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