Monday, September 7, 2009

WOW! its already Labor Day weekend, where did summer go?
Just a quick update here...Not much new going on in the Widmer household. Colton has fully recovered from his surgery and we have started to get our first of the many medical bills from that, boy how they charge for every little thing at the hospital! The surgery did not effect his potty training like I had feared it might, so that is good. He is still doing great with that, and I am so prod of my big boy to be potty trained at 2! Even the urologist said how early that is, especially for boys!
Carson's work just got a big job out in Sisters, which means they will have work threw the winter and hopefully the people like what they do and will just roll them over into the 33,000sf home, yes that is huge!!! but right now they are building the 8,000sf guest house. He decided to put school on hold for now, maybe he will go back next year.
I am still at the daycare a few days a week and baby sitting here and there, but its all working out good for us. We sold Carson's truck and paid cash for a new smaller one for him, its great not having a truck payment for once!
We hope you are all doing great, enjoy whats left of your summer!!!

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