Monday, March 8, 2010

lots of birthday fun

Our sweet niece Bella turned ONE this past weekend. we can not believe how fast the past year has gone. Tanna and Matt had her birthday party over at our house, that way there was plenty of room for the kids to run and play in the back yard. They had so much fun playing in her new cool tent she got. The best part of the party was watching her eat her cake. Tanna normally does not give her sweets, so she didnt know what to do when they placed her birthday cake on her highchair... after a while of playing in the frosting and pretending to wash her hands in it, she finally got a taste of it in her mouth and figured out how good birthday cake was! she was covered from head to toe in pink frosting and chocolate cake! Good thing Uncle Carson had a nice warm bath waiting for her.
Happy Birthday Bella, we love you. and thank you for letting us help celebrate your big day!

Also, Happy Birthday to my best friend Krystal, her and Bella share the same birthday! love ya!

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