Tuesday, June 15, 2010

home sweet home

well, we finally made the big move to Redmond. It's honestly not as bad as I thought, and I actually like it here. Our new house was a MESS when we moved in... so bad that the owners had to replace the carpet for us, the yard was horrible, the grass in the back was over a foot tall and for those of you who know Carson know that he is very picky when it comes to what our yard looks like. So for the past week, Carson has been out in the yard working at making it look nice, and I have been in the house trying to figure out where I am going to put all of our things. Funny, that this house is bigger than our old one, yet i have no room for anything.
Colton is doing good adjusting the the move, and so is the dog. One nice thing about our house is the home backs up to a field with about a dozen cows (thank god it does not smell like cow) but Colton thinks its pretty cool to watch them and Sako, he just has no clue what to think about them. But I'll tell you, it sure is nice to be able to sit in your back yard and not hear cars drive by, its almost strange to hear nothing but the Moooooo of the cows.
I will post pictures as soon as I get it all cleaned up and our stuff hung on the walls.

we hope you are all doing well and having a nice summer... I sure wish Mother Nature would get the hint that it is the middle of JUNE and have it warm up, its been so cold!

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