Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Colton John!

My "baby" turned 3 on March 23rd, its hard for me to believe he is already 3, where did the past 3 years go, and why did they go so fast?! I guess you never understand when someone tells you "they grow so fast" what that means until you have a child of your own and you then realize they do indeed grow "so fast".
Colton had a good start to his 3rd birthday but it didnt end so well, after picking him up from daycare, we headed over to the store did a bit of shopping, and when we were leaving the parking lot, a lady backed right into my car. nothing big, just need to get a new bumper. got home and he started screaming his stomach hurt, it took me a good few minutes to try to calm him down, next thing i know, he is puking everywhere, all over me, so i handed him off to dad so i could clean up, and seconds later in is puking all over carson too. he continued to cry for a while, and kept telling us his stomach hurt, we called the doctor just to be on the safe side, they were pretty worried since he did not have a fever or any other symptoms and that it had come on all of a sudden so they wanted us to come right to the peds office we went at 6pm at night.... they ran some test, had him pee in a cup and determined they had no clue what was wrong, told us to go home, get him to try to sleep and if it continued to call them and we would go from there. on our way home, the puking started again, and that is pretty much how the rest of his birthday night went, throwing up. i felt so bad for him. Luckily, he was feeling much better by the next afternoon and we celebrated his birthday the next day with dinner with nanni and pappa and uncle Thomas and Red Robins. Unfortunately, that night was moms turn to get sick, and today is Carson's turn, and it just so happens to be his birthday today. :( not a good week in the Widmer household. Hopefully we will all be back to normal by next week.
We did however, get to celebrate Coltons birthday with his friends at Pappy Pizza last weekend. he had a Buzz light year brithday party. The kids all had a great time playing and eating pizza. Thank you to those of you who made it to his party!

Happy Birthday Colton John, we LOVE you very much

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