Wednesday, September 8, 2010

not so hungry

Ever since I can remember Colton has not been a "good eater" its always been a struggle with him to eat healthy and also to get to eat his dinner. well, now since he is older and understands more we are trying many different ways to get him to eat. I don't expect him to clean his plate, just to eat maybe half of it, or at least try it. We have tried everything, i mean everything....tried bribing him with sweets, tried having him help me pick out whats for dinner, tried having him help me cook all of it, tried not telling/showing him whats for dinner, tried letting him get down and eat when he is hungry... the list goes on. So last night i decided he was not to leave the table until he eat his food, well after a while i came into check on him and this is how i found him. needless to say, he didnt eat much, i woke him up, told him to eat and he still wouldnt so he went to bed at 7...lets hope tonight goes better than last night.

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