Monday, September 6, 2010

Portland Zoo

A few weeks ago, I won tickets to the Portland Zoo off of one of the radio stations, unfortunately, they expired the first of October so I had to use them this month, and since Carson is bow hunting pretty much every weekend, he was not able to go. so I took Colton, my brother Thomas, cousins Maddi and Jeremiah, and we were able to meet up with our other cousins Mel, her husband Aaron and their 4 kiddos. we all had such a good time, even if the weather was a bit cool. The kids all had such a good time at every animal exhibit and they also had a dinosaur exhibit that the boys just loved. I would have to say that the monkey in the picture was so funny; Chad had a bag of sunflower seeds and that monkey was determined to get the seeds from Chad, he kept following the bag and next thing we knew he was up on the fence reaching out and screaming and demanding for the seeds. (ok, so maybe we tossed a few in the cage for him) the kids thought it was great. I had so much fun watching Colton play with his cousins and get so excited to see each animal. I really wish we lived closer so they could all play together more often.

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